Diagnostic Services

1 (216) X-ray unit
Department of X-ray imaging is a well set department with very good patient facilities performing more than 10000 Digital X-rays every year. It is working 24x 7 days . Emergency facilities are available for in-patients, out-patients and emergency cases. CR system makes the task prompt by transferring the x-rays to the Doctor’s chambers.



Patient Care Services
1 (320) Holy Cross Hospital operates a 24-hour ambulance service which can be availed for admitted patients. According to the need of the patient the Nurse accompanies the referred patients. For obtaining this service contact your Ward In charge who will make the necessary arrangements after paying the transport fare.
Intensive Care Services
IMG_7535__1418815973_123.63.81.162Sometimes life hangs by a thread and it takes special care to guide patients in critical condition back to health. Our Intensive Care Units (ICUs) take this special responsibility and are designed to offer a tranquil and positive environment that is conducive to recovery. Our ICU staff is specially trained in critical care procedures and work with commitment so that patients receive prompt treatment and personalized health care. Our ICUs are equipped to treat patients in need of critical care in specialized areas. We have a strength of 25 Critical care beds, comprising Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Care Unit, Paediatric Intensive care unit, Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive care unit. ICUs have patient monitoring systems, Biphasic Defibrillator, CPAP, Ventilators, Blood Gas Machine, ECG Machine, and Portable X-Ray Unit. We maintain highest hygienic atmosphere with positive air conditioning.
Other services

1 (127) Blood DonationThe Blood Bank at holy Cross Hospital works 24X7 to save the lives of people. The Blood Bank was inaugurated in November 2000 to meet the requirements of our in-patients and other surrounding Nursing Homes.