Blood Bank

The Blood Bank at holy Cross Hospital works 24X7 to save the lives of people. The Blood Bank was inaugurated in November 2000 to meet the requirements of our in-patients and other surrounding Nursing Homes.


Our Blood Bank is licensed by Drug Control of State.

Safe Blood
Our source of blood is primarily voluntary or replacement from healthy donors. We do not accept blood from any other sources. Each unit of blood we collect is screened and tested for HIV1, HIV2 and HCV antibodies, Hepatitis B, surface antigens, VDRL, malarial parasites and other irregular antibodies. We can thus say with utmost confidence that the blood we supply both in-patients and out-patients is safe, screened and certified.

Our motto is to provide high quality ‘Safe Blood’ to patients round the clock. We are constantly on a quest to improve and to provide the best in transfusion services to everyone.

Blood donation
Requests For Blood
We supply whole blood to our patients, other hospitals and nursing homes. In-patients
• When an-patient requires blood, a request is sent to the Blood Bank after informed consent transfusion is taken from the patient/patient’s relative.
• The patient is given the required blood after necessary testing from the Blood Bank.
• Later the Patient’s relatives may be required to bring in donors to donate blood as for the units issued.
• If you are a voluntary donor, all you need to do is to contact the Blood Bank to do the needful