Fitness & Lifestyle

Heart attacks, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, erectile dysfunction and osteoporosis are now identified as Lifestyle diseases. Nowadays these illnesses, sometimes starts when in school due to poor quality of Lifestyle-lack o exercise and improper diet leading to obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes in young adolescents.
Fitness & Lifestyle modifications offers a comprehensive and customized programme for age management and general well being. It promotes the concept of prevention and better control of the above mentioned conditions through exercise, diet, proper nutrition and monitoring of health
Benefits may include increased energy, greater muscle tone, sharper thinking, improved libido, decreased body fat and lower risk of age-related diseases. Our physiotherapy department is equipped with different equipment for fitness and lifestyle modifications. This department functions daily from morning until evening except on Sundays.


  1. Manual Treadmil
  2. Stepper
  3. Static cycle Exerciser
  4. Quadriceps Exercise with Gym