Vojta Physioyherapy

Vojta is the surname of a famous Pediatrician and Neurologist from Chekoslovakia who got settled in Germany and developed a special kind of physiotherapy and named it after his name Vojta therapy. Prof. Dr.Vaclav Vojta has developed a method by which we can screen the newborn babies for detecting children who may develop Central Co-ordination disorders and Neuromotor Developmental disorders.

Early diagnosis consist of three components ;
Observation for Spontaneous movements
Seven Postural reactions

Reflexes : If the primitive reflexes are absent in the newborn period or if they persist even after the completion of certain age then it is an abnormal sign. If vojta therapy is started in the first six months life long handicap can be prevented in at leas 90% of cases. Vojta therapy is taught to the parents and
they continue this therapy at home 4 times a day 5 – 20 mts at4 hrs interval by which a regular motor activity is established. Vojta physiotherapist conducts periodical review once in 2 or 3 weeks to see the prognosis and give additional therapy. This procedure is continued until independent walking is attained. Another fact is that without much expense parents can do Vojta therapy at home . It need sonly the hands.

Vojta therapy at Holy Cross Hospital
Every new born child is screened under three components, observation of spontaneous movements,
Seven postural reactions and Reflexes. Parents are given a card along with the immunisation card for regular visit to Vojta therapy department. There are many success stories after children are given
Vojta therapy.