X ray and Imaging

Department of X-ray imaging is a well set department with very good patient facilities performing more than 10000 Digital X-rays every year. It is working 24x 7 days . Emergency facilities are available for in-patients, out-patients and emergency cases. CR system makes the task prompt by transferring the x-rays to the Doctor’s chambers.


Ultrasonography in pregnancy Ultrasound has revolutionised the care of women during pregnancy. It is used for different reasons at different stages in pregnancy. ultrasound scanning is used to check whether the foetus is alive and whether it is alone or one of twins or triplets. By measuring the length of the foetus it is also possible to accurately determine when the baby will be due. Some major abnormalities can also be detected through ultrasonography. Our Obstetrician uses this machine for all Antenatal screening and at Labour ward.

Diagnostic procedures Our surgeons and Physicians uses Ultrasound for USG guided procedures, aspirations and biopsies.